Congratulations Legacy Dental Ceramics

30 years of Recognition

David Matrisciano, CDT of Legacy Dental Ceramics, located in-house at Dr. Angela Harney's office, has nearly 38 years as a laboratory technician and was recently recognized by the American Dental Association and it's Council for 30 years as a Certified Dental Laboratory Technician.

30 year ada recognition award

America's leading
advocate for oral health
Dear Mr. Matrisciano:

On behalf of the American Dental Association, congratulations on the 30 th anniversary of your service to the dental profession as a Certified Dental Technician. Organized dentistry has long supported the promotion and recognition of excellence in the field of dental care. Contributions by Certified Dental Technicians have been an important factor in the overall improvement of the nation's dental health.Again, please accept our sincere appreciation for your years of service and for your professional and personal contribution to the public's oral health.
Raymond F. Gist, D.D.S.
cc: Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Kathleen O'Loughlin, executive director, American Dental Association
Dr. Stephen 0. Glenn, chair, Council on Dental Practice
Mr. Bennett Napier, CAE, co executive director, National Association of Dental
Ms. Ricki Braswell, CAE, co executive director, National Association of Dental
Dr. Joseph McManus, senior vice-president, Division of Dental Practice/Professional
Dr. James L. Willey, director, Council on Dental Practice
Mr. Joseph R. Martin, director, Department of Dental Society Services
Executive Directors, Constituent Dental Societies
Executive Directors, State Dental Laboratory Associations